Shop Management System is an online accounting software designed for small businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow. Invoicing, accepting online payments and keeping track of expenses couldn’t be simpler.

Our Core Features

Easy Invoicing

Send professional invoices to clients and start accepting online payments, no commission/transaction fee.

Vendor Management

Create vendors so you could assign bills and payments to them and later filter their transactions easily.

Various Payments

Add non-billable expenses as payments in order to keep your bank/cash account balances up-to-date.

Bank Accounts

Create unlimited bank and cash accounts and track their opening and current balances.

Powerful Reporting

Get detailed financial reports to help you better visualize all the information you need to improve your business.

Client Management

Create clients and send invoices to them. You can also set a password so they could to access the client portal.

Deposit and Transfer

Add deposits to and transfers between accounts and keep the balance of your bank accounts active.

Billable Expenses

Create and manage bills so your finances are always accurate and healthy. Know what and when to pay.

Stock Management

Enable stock tracking and manage goods as they come in and go out. Items also speed up invoicing.

VAT Certified

Set up different names for each tax, and link specific taxes to specific products or transactions to save you time.