Digital Signage (Notice Board) in Nepal

A multi-dimensional transformation for static signages, Xtreme Media® digital signage is a professional, reliable & easy-to-use software to make every signage dynamic, smarter & engaging. Compatible with various operation platforms such as Windows, Android, SSSP & LGWebOS, this feature packed software gives high return on investment (ROI). Avoid hassle of designing with simple drag & drop, create beautiful campaigns & with one simple ‘publish’ button, push your content to any of your displays located anywhere in the world.

How Does Digital Signage Works?

Digital signage is a combination of software which includes CMS and hardware like display & media player. The signage network can be centralized that means a company can have multiple displays located at the various location which can be managed & control from a central location. For example Company X has headquartered in Mumbai and offices in Bangalore, Tokyo & London; company X can push the same content to all displays in real time.

Digital signage v/s Traditional Signage

Digital signage is future of communications and advertising which allows brands to go beyond borders to reach their potential customers & audience. It offers a variety of benefits over traditional medium in terms of effectivity & cost. Since the medium is digital printing cost in eliminated. In the traditional medium, if you want one ad or communication message to roll out at multiple sites you need to spend on logistics cost as well. In terms of effectivity is much more impactful, it supports all visual & digital medium which is the latest trend and gets registered in the mind of customers easily. Also, it allows the brand to be more creative & flexible in communications.