YellowPencil plugin gets hack attack, and fixed the vulnerability with a new update. (7.2.0 version) Please be sure you are using the latest version. We’re here, and we’ll help you until fixed all the infected websites.

You must update the plugin quickly to the latest version to ensure the security of your website, The 7.2.0 release is the safe version, and all older versions are currently at risk.

Download 7.2.0 Free

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My website gets an attack, how can I fix it?

This security issue was about the visitor view tool. There are some WordPress websites affected by this hack attack. If your website hacked, you can fix it:

Fix the database:
1. Log into your WordPress database with phpMyAdmin through your hosting control panel.
2. Navigate to the table wordpress_options table
3. Edit the first two rows “siteurl” and “home” back to your domain. e.g:

Deactivate and delete the old version.
(CSS changes will stay safe in your database, no worry.)
Download YellowPencil Latest version.
1. In the WordPress dashboard, Click Plugins > Add New.
2. Click Upload Plugin, and choose the file you’ve downloaded for YellowPencil.

If you don’t know how to make it, please contact us and ask help to fix this problem.

What Happened?

10 April evening was a hack attack to some WordPress plugins, including YellowPencil plugin. This hack attack was just to the database, No files infected. Only the “siteurl” and “home” rows in wp_option table changed to another URL. We understand this important, and we try our best to handle it. We will handle it together.

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